Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday check in

There was no time to paint today.  We had to set up our
booth at Mount Gretna.   I thought I would share what
goes into that exciting display you walk into at a show.
By the time you arrive everything is in place looking fun,
as it should.

Remember I took about two hours yesterday to pack the
van.  We left the house at 9:15am.  I had to dolly all my
stuff across bumpy grass.  I start by laying down my rug,
nailing it into the ground so no one trips, and to give a
nice "this work is special" feel!

At this show I have a double booth, so that's two of
everything. Next is my tent.  This is a lot like camping,
lots of  poles to put together.  I happen to have two
different tent styles, which is a lot to remember!
Add the top, tarp the sides, sun shades on three sides
and a rain gully in the center, (just in case it rains)
Two sets of banners so you know who I am and what
I sell as you walk past!  And so you know its watercolor
not photography which I get all the time, and I take as a
compliment.  There are 18 wire show panels all cleverly
arranged for optimal hanging space and so you can walk
around inside.

I added covers over the show panels to display my
fabulous paintings to their best.  Bungee and zip-tie
and nail everything together so it is safe in wind...  

You are looking at about 5-6 hours of work by both
Linda and myself. Made harder because I had to carry
everything so far. Linda will hang the paintings early
tomorrow morning.  The dampness is not good for
watercolors.  We zipped up and went to the
Jigger Shop for a treat!  Its early to bed tonight, I need
to be chipper for the next two days!  See you at the show.
Mount Gretna Art Show
Mount Gretna, PA Rt 117
Sat. 9am-6pm and Sun. 9am-5pm
$10 admission
By space is on the path #228 

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Joan - AZestyLife said...

What is the Jigger Shop? For your treat?