Friday, June 13, 2014

2014 Market Series #1

4" x 6" Original Watercolor

Tuesdays trip to our local market inspired my next
series of paintings.  I have never painted eggplant.
Great rich color.

Travel Update:
We were home from IL 2 days before packing up and
heading to a 4 day show in Allentown, PA.  Only 1.5
hours from home but too far to commute.  We camped.
Back home for 2 days and then off to Ohio.  An 8 hour
drive to our friends the Woodruffs in Toledo which was
our home base for 6 days.  We did a local Toledo show
over the weekend and then had 3 days to hangout.
There is not a lot happening in Toledo.  We did visit the
Rosary Cathedral known for its fantastic stained glass
windows.  Linda is really into visiting Cathedrals lately
and finds these very special buildings.  We had a few
nice meals out and simply a nice time with our friends.
Then Thursday it was off to Columbus, OH for the next
show.  3 days of very late  showing hours (10:30pm!)
and a rainy Sunday making all the show supplies wet, it is
extra fun packing up wet!  Then a long 7 drive back
home.  Usually Linda loves being on the road and traveling
but for once she was ready to be home.  In fact she
was counting her "at home" days...11.  She announced
she was only working at her desk till noon each day and
then was doing whatever she wanted in the afternoon.
Her garden is getting a weeding!   Leaving me free to ride
my bike!   So this wicked schedule explains why I have
not been  blogging or painting the miniature paintings.
I have been painting large pieces at each show.  I will share
them later.   For now, fresh local strawberries are calling me...

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