Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014 Winter Series #7

6" x 4" Original Miniature Original Watercolor

I love the look of melting snow in a field,
the way it lays in the plowed rows.
This is a Lititz farm.  I can handle painting
"melting" snow!

I am lucky to have Linda do all the parts of a
painting business that artists (me) do not think
of, or if they think of it they hate it!
Over the past few days she has been closing
out my year on the computer, gathering all
totals for taxes.  All receipts neatly boxed.
Found the box for 2002 and shredded it, evidently
we need to keep 7-10 years worth of records.
Who knew!!  As an artist we barely care about that
kind of thing.
She tried to WOW me with a balance 
sheet and
year to date expense sheet!  I hope I 
She printed all new sheets to keep
track of shows 
and expenses. She can tell me what
I did at
every show for 20 years!  We also had a
meeting about shows... and I must say
she is being unusually 
reasonable.  She threw out
Cherry Creek, CO and 
after I freaked out about the
drive and amount of 
gas (think about the amount of
gas for 1658 miles one way and 24 hrs of driving)  
anyway she just smiled and informed me it was
just a 
test to see if I would go for it. Trust me,
If I had said OK she would be booking it! I prefer
my role, 
which is to paint, simply paint.  And I am also 
teaching right now.  I have a new student who is
French and from the Bordeaux area and Linda spent
a half hour talking to her and I just know she is
longing for a trip back to France... oh my... 

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