Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 Winter Series #4

6" x 4" Original Miniature Original Watercolor

Evergreens become magnificent in winter.
The snow seems to highlight them.
In traditional watercolor all white it the paper,

not white paint.  So painting becomes a puzzle!

My classes started today, most everyone
showed up even in the extreme cold.
We ended up with a broken pipe in my bike room
at 3:00 today.  Water everywhere, my poor wet
bikes!  My favorite brother-in-law came to my
rescue.  He is a very hot blooded guy and showed
up in shorts.  Here we are in Bomberger's Store,
walking together, Mr. shorts and a long sleeve
shirt and me in a heavy coat, scarf, hat, gloves...
Heads were turning until some guy made a comment.
We looked pretty cute I am sure.

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