Wednesday, August 7, 2013


We are back from a whirl wind trip, putting over
1000 miles on the van!  We added a short trip to our
friends in Cleveland OH and got home 6:30 Tuesday
night.  Today was spent with an early morning
23 mile bike ride, empty the van, a visit to my Mom,
mow, picked up a big frame order, a supply order was
delivered, Linda spent some time at her desk and in
the garden, lots of laundry, a family dinner... and
I have a bike tire to repair when this is written!

So... again, Linda put in a painting request. I have learned
that while I usually put up a bit of a fuss when I get into
it I enjoy myself. This is koi from a pond in Ladew Gardens.
I am going to show you the progress.  The paper size is
23x19" so it is pretty large for me.  I started with a pencil
drawing, you can see the lines. I really took my time on
the drawing. Next I painted one fish and I am dabbing
in the rocks and plants under the water. This is only the top
part, there is more to the whole painting.  I already have 2 full
paintings days into this so it takes time. I like to remind
everyone who is painting to slow down and learn to enjoy
the process, not hurry to finish a painting!
This is all underpainting.  Washes to build the color.
More tomorrow!

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