Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday Check In

We had two weeks of traveling and got home Monday
night.  It feels good to be home.  Really good!
Linda wanted desperately to play in the garden and it has
been to hot and dry, so she is sneaking in some reading time! 
We had a few great family meals, we celebrated Linda's
birthday which I may not mention!
I did maintenance on my bikes and of course there is work
getting done.  Linda has been seen at her desk and I finished
two paintings I started at each of the shows.

 I am concentrating on my painting workshop which is on
Saturday.   There is still room in the class for anyone to join
me in Hershey.  Details are listed on 7/10 post.

My latest paintings, not yet framed or titled!

1 comment:

winna said...

your work has all the ingredients that I am in love with----and make for paintings that have a lot of feelings...