Monday, May 13, 2013

2013 Angles #1

2013 Angles #1
5"x5" original watercolor    $225.

I am always interested in unusual angles.  This is from
walking down stairs looking across a room.

I had a few things on Linda's list that needed done and
then I painted as promised.  It is a short week because
I show at Wilkes-Barre from Thursday through Sunday.

Over the weekend we had a little excitement.
Midnight on Friday night... in the old days we would
have been out dancing.  But these days I am admitting
we were both sound asleep in our hotel bed; only to
be rousted by loud fire alarms.  We had to go outside, in the
heavy rain and stand in our PJ's (yes again, I confess to
PJ's)  Standing there with other strangers in various
assortments of dress and undress for 45 minutes. 
3 firetrucks, lots of fireman and policemen, more heavy rain...
and finally we were allowed back in without ever hearing
what was wrong.  I fell right back to sleep, Linda on the
other hand is not a good sleeper on a good night!

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