Wednesday, April 24, 2013

commission work...

I really do not know where all my time is going.
Now I am sounding like Linda!  I have had my nose
into this painting every free moment.  It truly is a
slow build.  Meanwhile...
I had a show in NJ on Saturday and worked on a
painting for myself as a demonstration.
I picked up a bad cold from my track kids and still
have it today...5 days
Sunday morning  I painted and in the afternoon
we went antiquing.  Linda was looking for a cabinet
but did not find the perfect one.
Monday I painted, Tuesday I painted and had a track meet.
Both boys and girls won!  Today I painted and had
track practice.  Meanwhile Linda brought her Mom home!
So we are figuring out a whole new schedule with Mom.
I plan to go back to my painting tonight.
This is the middle shelf about half way.
Middle shelf finished! 

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