Sunday, January 20, 2013

Heritage Series #6

Painting A Day ~ Heritage Series #6
Original Miniature Watercolor ~ 4"x6"

A Civil War drummer...
This is the last of my Heritage Series.
It was a good experience to be able to

study and practice portraits for a full week.
But I am back to winter scenes and still life.

I worked on my commission over the weekend.
Had an enjoyable Saturday with my client
here to watch me paint.  I hope I impressed
them with my great skills!
I am working on each object and in the end
incorperate everything.  I do keep going back
and adding a bit more detail 

Just returned from the American Music Theater
to see Elvis Gospel.  I am not a great Elvis fan but
he was excellent.  And icing on the cake was
The Stamps also singing!

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