Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Commission Update...

I put aside the first painting and wanted to
paint the objects in the second.  I have a pair
that will be hung together.
My plan is to tie them together later.
After spending a large amount of time drawing this
basket I slowly started painting each part of the
weave.  In a sense, I became a basket weaver for
a day.  Going back over with washes to make it
darker on the bottom and right side.  I love this
basket, would not change a thing.
I used this for my demo at the Lititz Library last night.
Hope everyone enjoyed themselves.  It was a full room,
I took lots of questions, talked about commissions while
painting.  I enjoy myself at these talks and no question is
to much!
Here are the beginning washes on the bowl.
A finished bowl and most of the second basket...
An overall look, I am starting the top basket.
You can see how I underpaint each weave.
Basically you are viewing 2.5 full days/nights
of painting up to this point.  You cannot rush it.
Taking time to slowly increase the shading, drying
hard with a hair dryer between each wash.
I think you can click over top the painting to enlarge it.

FYI: Time to sign up for February watercolor classes.
Held in Lititz at my studio.  Everyone works on their own
painting at their own speed.  Only $65 for a set of 4
classes and if you sign up for February and March it is
only $60 each set.  Very reasonable!

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