Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Commission update

Commission Update:
I spent most of my day working on my commission.
The last object is now finished.

Here is a view of everything.  Next is the bottom part
of the cabinet. Right now everything is just floating in
space.   Just wait till you see it all come together!
There is still several full days of work.  I am having so
much fun with this, I see the completed painting in my

I am in the third week of teaching and have the student
blog updated.  Click here to see their work.
Linda has my schedule finished up to September.  Most
of the shows she applied for you send in a jury fee and
email photos of my work and they decide if you fit into
the diversity of their show.  If accepted I owe a hefty
show fee!  So while we know where we want to go we
have to wait to see if they want me!

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