Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Winter Series #2

A Painting A Day ~ Winter Series #2
4"x 6" Original Miniature Watercolor

I love this painting, again thank you to

Nancy Bradley,  who took the photo from
Rock Ford Plantation in Lancaster County,
during our last snow storm.

I plan to make prints of this one. 
You are still buying the original watercolor
but knowing there will be prints available later.

I must confess that to make the snow falling
I had to use some white paint.  The roof and
snow on the ground is the paper but the splattered
snow is paint...  so I am not a total purist!

I met with someone who wants two large paintings
commissioned for her kitchen.  I am pretty excited
to come up with some ideas.  But it is always so
much harder to please someone than for someone
to simply fall in love with one already painted.
Much more pressure this way.

P.S.  Questions about this painting as a print.
Printed as an "Open Edition Print"  Meaning an
unlimited number.  I always print in the same
size as the original. So it will be 6"x4" and fit into
an 8x10" frame.  Retail $35

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Elizabeth Miller said...

Hey Andy,

What size prints do you have in mind when you do them and what might their price be, please?

Best regards,

Elizabeth Miller