Thursday, December 13, 2012

2012 Holiday Series #9

2012 Holiday Series #9
5"x 5" Original Miniature Watercolor

(click over painting to make larger)

A beautiful wreath hanging on a
brick wall. While in Williamsburg, VA we
took a house
tour of private residences
within Colonial Williamsburg. 
This was view from that tour.

Also, I decided to make prints from this original.
Tomorrow it goes to the printer for a quick scan.
You are still buying the original watercolor but
knowing there will be prints available later.

Someone asked about us going to DC.  Don't
worry, we are only gone Saturday and Sunday.
It's a quick weekend with Abbey, Ben and Rashetta.
Our housesitter does not let clients into the studio
nor answer the studio phone so if you need
something, Friday from 8 to 5 or next week is when
you can catch us. 

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