Monday, October 22, 2012

25 days till Open House

Framed 14x18

Good strong color, waiting for Open House...

Open House Update:
And the count down begins! 
25 days till Open House.
Linda tells me we are on schedule, my part is
to paint, paint, paint.  Although today I proofed the
new print.  It looks fantastic.  Great color match.
FYI: I use Pemcor for my printing.  4-color lithographs.
They do a great job. Only 200 ordered this year.
I also picked up the invitations from Miller Printing
here in Lititz.  There are over 6000 mailers sitting in
the studio!  If you are not sure you are on my mailing list
send me an email.
Linda decided to go with a mailing company for the first
time this year. That meant she does not have to print
all the addresses and have a party labeling and stamping.
The first frame order arrived and there are piles of mats being

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