Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday check in...

We returned on Tuesday from the show at the Shaker
Village in Kentucky.  I love it there, have a bunch more
great photos waiting to become great paintings!
Wednesday was spent unloading, laundry, helped a friend
who had a bicycle accident and purchased some supplies
from a local photographer who passed away.

Thoughts:  It is an odd feeling to walk into someones studio
who recently passed away and dig through all his supplies.
Picking out what I can use. Realizing how little value the
equipment now has and his photos setting there with little value.
A career that has ended.
Linda was a little unsettled when we got home to my studio.
You look around with a different set of eyes.  I like to think I
live in the moment and leave behind great paintings and
fond memories but someday some other artist will be
buying my supplies at a discount and dig through my
studio and wonder why in the world I kept so much stuff!

Tomorrow I will be packing for the BIG Lititz Craft Show.
The show:
The BIG Lititz Craft Show
Saturday, August 11 from 8am to 4pm
Find me on Main Street near the Sutter in front of
Zum Anker Alley... FREE! Rain or shine
Blog paintings will continue shortly!
Also classes are now posted for September on my

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Anonymous said...

It is Sad when someone passes and leave their possesions for others to go through. Everyone is GREAT someway in their own way. Enjoy life the best you can TODAY