Monday, June 4, 2012

2012 Still Life #18

6"x4" Original Watercolor

I painted this cabinet in a large format a
while ago but saved it to paint again only
a close up view.  The light across this cabinet
is stunning.  It was a nice calming piece to
work on today.

I am a little annoyed with my knee issue. 
I aggravated it over the weekend so today I needed
to just rest it.  Linda rested by working in the
garden all day.  We are both a little tired after
two hard and long and less than profitable shows
with no time off in between.  This week we are
home till Friday which seems like a vacation!
I had such high hopes for Rittenhouse and we
only covered expenses.  Most of the sales went to
contemporary work which leaves me out.
After a big city show this weekend in Cumberland, MD
will feel easy and quiet.  Over the weekend I worked
on a large painting of "Speedwell Forge" which has
great blue sky, water and canoes.  Another stretch
piece requested by Linda!  I am over half finished
with it and will share it soon. 
For now... I am going to ice my knee!

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Anne Tapper said...

Hi Andy, I met you and your wife at the Rittenhouse show, and introduced myself as a would-be watercolorist starting late in life. lf it's any help to know, you were not alone with disappointment about sales. It's been 10 years since I attended the show, but this year was different. I became uncomfortable with the amount of disappointment, even desperation, so many of the artists seemed to exude. Once it became apparent I was looking, not buying, I could see strained smiles, slumped shoulders, one time even irritation. (the latter a contemporary artist btw.) Folks were polite about my complements, but obviously sales are needed for support. I felt almost guilty for just looking. Hope next year it goes better for you. Meanwhile, stick with what you do. Your paintings are awesome.