Monday, May 21, 2012

Mondays Observation...

We spent 4 long days in Wilkes-Barre and got in at 10pm last
night.  Its that time of year where there is little time home.
The housesitter is there more than we are.  Don't get excited,
I am not announcing an empty house, far from it.  There is a
housesitter, my brother in law is doing some remodling work
and my in laws live with us.  So there are more people there
than when we are actully home!  We are home for 3 days then
off again.  The next show is in New Paltz, NY and we are camping.
I did not have any time to paint today.  We are working with a
new frame company and needed to drive a 3 hour round trip to
pick up the first order.  When we got back home I needed to get
the pop-up camper ready to use this weekend.  A little first time
out maintenance, a scrubbing and a bug bomb.  No way Linda is
sleeping in it without killing off any winter spiders or bugs.

I wanted to chat about something Linda and I observed
this weekend.
Perfect weekend, beautiful weather.  66 artist, photographers
and craftsman were displaying their "Arts".  I was
demonstrating for 4 days.  Music and dancing the whole weekend. 
FREE!   This to me is the perfect way to introduce your
children and grandchildren to "The Arts" or just have a nice
time out.   My observation... the constant use of electronics. 
Phones glued to ears, talking into the phone, constant
messaging and reading. Leaves no room for human interaction.
Families walking while Dad is looking at a screen.
It felt almost rude to me.  Here I am trying to talk to you about
my paintings, you are in my booth, and not paying any attention. 
Why even waste your time.  I say disconnect the electronics
and use your eyes to become inspired, use your ears to hear
the music that is there for your enjoyment, interact with your
family and share with your kids.  I vote to unplug...
at least for the weekend.


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marion said...

Andy I stopped at your booth in Wilkes Barre and spoke with you because I thought your paintings were absolutely beautiful. I watched you paint for a few minutes and then looked at the rest of your work. Only wish I had the money to purchase a painting. Thank you for caring and coming to Wilkes Barre - wish you were appreciated more during the time you were here. You inspired me to go to an art store and purchase a sketch book and unpack my water color brushes.

Cindy said...

I agree with your assessment of the use of electronic devices as often being rude to others. Sad state of humanity.