Tuesday, May 15, 2012


6"x 4" Original Miniature Watercolor

OK, I grumbled a bit, might have said
"who is going to buy a frog" under my
breath a few times... but about half way
through  I was actually enjoying the
process.  This is a lot of greens to shade
and not get all muddy.  I will say Linda
does stretch my artistic comfort zone and
I try my best to live up to her faith in my

One good show and there is a flurry of
activity in the studio.  I heard a frame order
being placed, there are mats being cut and
framing going on.  Boxing for shipping two
orders.  All good sounds to my ears.

Hi Andy and Linda - I LIKE the Frog.  I'm not in to frogs - however, I think the painting is fantastic - very life like with all of the shading that you had to insert to duplicate the picture  thatLinda  gave you as a challenged.  I would have liked seeing the picture next to the painting.

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