Monday, April 23, 2012


4"x 6" Original Watercolor
$225.00 ~ Contact the studio
I keep saying I am not a flower painter, and
I am not.  But this was from our trip to Longwood
Gardens and I love hibiscis.  Had to paint it!

I have not been doing a very good job of
keeping up with my blog.  This is the first
year I feel like I am struggling with the daily
painting.  I have toyed with stopping but I
a not sure I want to totally stop.  So I am going
to get through track season and see how I feel.
It is not that I am goofing off, just somehow
busier than usual. 

Like today... I was at Hempfield H.S. by 8am.
I gave two talks on art and being an artist.
For free, just spreading my brand!

I spent a several days last week and the weekend
"detailing" my new wheels.  I am finally happy
with the way it looks.
Now to see how it all packs, here I am putting my
show racks on top.

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