Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 2012 DPP Challenge

April 2012 DPP Challenge
6"x 4"  watercolor
$250.00 ~ Contact the studio

A challenge is a photo presented that anyone
within the group may paint.  You are challenged
to paint it.  The idea is to see a variety of styles
and medium.  This was from the Pennsylvania Daily Painters.
Nice reflections on the water.

It takes as long to take apart an exhibit as it does to
put it together.  We worked some of yesterday and
this morning putting everything back to its normal
place.  I received an email about why my mini paintings
are so good but under priced.  So in case you were also
wondering...  I joined a group called A Painting A Day
back in 2006.  The idea is to complete a miniature painting
daily and offer it at a very reasonable price so new people can
collect original artwork.  I offer mine at $100 on eBay.
If it sells, I made a little money.  If it does not sell, I frame it
and place it on my show stand at a price commensurate with
my other work.  Usually between $225 and $300.  So they are
a great bargain for the savvy buyer!

I have a track meet tomorrow so my focus is
elsewhere!!  I will tell you the results tomorrow.

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