Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nature's Gifts

Introducing my other new print...
"Nature's Gifts"
Image: 13 x 9" ~ edition of only 200
4-color offset lithographs
Print: $45.     Framed Print: $85
This painting features a classic still life in
a traditional Andy Smith style. Composition,
color and texture are the basics that shape this
simple subject into a vibrant painting.
Harmonious fruit and flowers are nature’s gifts.

Open House Update:
More framing...  Lets talk framing for a moment.
We do it all here.  The mat board comes in 32x40
sheets and Linda cuts the blanks to the size of our frames.
It takes 2 colors for one mat.  Then each blank needs
the hole cut out ~ the opening for the print.  Then the print
gets taped into the hole.  Each frame has glass, a double
mat, the print, a barrier sheet, and backing board.
When all in the frame, each gets a dust cover, hangers and
wire.   Linda likes to open the show with 5-7 each of my
43 prints.  So right there is at least 215 frames.  Plus 20-30 each
of the 2 new ones,  plus 5 each of the 8x10 mini's.
So you can easily see where this is a several week job
with lots of steps.  I paint...

I did take a break and visit my Mom.  Took her out in the
fresh air for a while.  Came home and washed the car.
And then we went to dinner with several couples we have
kept in contact with since all our kids were in high school
and ran track.  Had a wonderful dinner at Ciro's.
Back at it in the morning.

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