Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tuesday Check in

My latest Original Watercolor
20 x 23 ~ untitled
A window in Murano, Italy...

We have been on the road 27 days!  2 weeks in Ohio,
a week in Kentucky and a week in Massachusetts.
I am glad to be home.  Linda could have kept going
but I had enough.  We got in last night.  Unpack the van,
unpack the camper, 4 loads of laundry, the grocery store,
a visit with my Mom, dinner with Linda's parents, a few
moments in the yard and its night time.  
No show this weekend.  I have a commission to work on
and get back in the swing of painting blog pieces.


Autumn Leaves said...

This is a favorite, Andy. I love the brick work.

Anonymous said...

Ceautiful watercolor!!!

beckielboo said...

One of my favorites! I wish I could paint a brick that even looked like - well, a brick! I hope you are enjoying the trip.