Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2011 Shaker Still Life #2

4"x 6" original watercolor
$275 Studio Price ~ SOLD!

A ladderback in the sunshine...
Love all things Shaker, but I cannot rush
through these little paintings. They still
take me 5-8 hours to paint. Last night (late!)
I picked my subject and did a sketch in my
sketchbook. This morning I took 2 hours to
hand draw it onto my watercolor paper.
There are no short cuts just because it is little!

And again we are shoveling. I tried hard to have
a good attitude this winter. I really did, but after
that little warm spell, that tease, I have lost all
patience. I need it to be warm, I must ride my
bike, I have to see the sun!!

1 comment:

Autumn Leaves said...

We got a few hours of snow yesterday too, Andy. A lovely little piece...I can picture this chair with a little bit older lady in it, watching the seasons change, waiting for her husband to come home from the fields, watching life go by...