Monday, January 17, 2011

Highway 101 #2

6"x 4" Watercolor
Studio Price $300.00 ~ SOLD
This view is off Highway 1 (which is also 101),
somewhere between San Simeon and Templeton,
CA. We pulled over to watch the sunset over
the mountains with the ocean in the
distance. Absolutely beautiful!

Saw a truly great movie yesterday,
"The King's Speech" I highly recommend

I occasionally read
Robert Glen's blog and
someone did artist interviews with the question
"Do you have a motto or creed?" Well, yes
I do... Always aspire to excellence. To work
hard at my craft, to paint almost daily,
integrity with my collectors, inspire my students.
I could go on!


Autumn Leaves said...

The Pacific Coast highway is indeed beautiful and you've captured a glorious spot, Andy. So very lovely!

Marjorie J Birch said...

I'm assuming that the evil icy snow cancelled this morning's class.

Beautiful painting -- do you know of an artist named William Rice? He's associated with the Arts and Crafts movement and I discovered his work while tormenting myself via Internet. (I was looking through the Annex Galleries website, gazing hopelessly at utterly unaffordable color woodcuts by the likes of Gustav Baumann). Anyway -- he was based in California, was justly famed for his color woodcuts BUT -- was also a fine watercolor artist as well. (And again, I can't afford any of his work.) I checked his biography and (drumroll) he was born in (prepare to gasp) MANHEIM, PENNSYLVANIA!!!