Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday check in

14x18 ~ Untitled ~ $475
I actually finished this at the Penn State Show.
Turned out well. I liked the light across
the pot. Title suggestions are welcome!
Last night I took Linda to Sunnybrook for
a 70's dance. 4 Hours of Disco...
We got our groove on! Had a great time.
Today I sketched my commission, I want
to wait till Monday for the client to OK the
drawing before going any farther on it.
I started my apple painting, It will be 14x18
I have the drawing and the first washes on
the apples. At 5pm I went out for a bike ride.
We are now getting a pizza and watch a movie.
Thats my Saturday. It feels nice having a break
from a weekend show.

1 comment:

AutumnLeaves said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend thus far, Andy. This is a beautiful painting. 'Welcome' or 'Copper Glow' come to mind for titles (assuming the flower pot is copper, that is! LOLOL)...I love flower pots!