Monday, March 22, 2010

Planter on steps

4"x6" Original Watercolor

If you are familiar with New Castle, DE
you will recognize the bricks and the use
of shutters on the doors. A simple corner
of the front porch.
I had a decent show over the weekend,
giving me confidence that things are turning
the economic corner. Then on Sunday we
spent a sunny day sightseeing DC with Abbey
and Ben. Went up the Old Post Office Tower
for a great view of the city. I got some interesting
photos I may try to paint. Then went to the
American History Museum and Abbey gave us
a tour and saw her office. I am feeling pretty
proud!! Today I did a bit of bunny proofing in
the yard. Needed some wire under the fence to
keep the little furry things out. Track of course
took my afternoon. And now back to my painting
table. There is a new challenge that I plan to
work on. Bartlett Pears... I may have them for

1 comment:

Autumn Leaves said...

Having quite a bit of wanderlust myself, and an epic enjoyment of the beauty of our country (and any others I have been to, for that matter), I totally get the enthusiastic gypsy lifestyle, Andy.

I really like this painting. Your brickwork is magnificent! I always wanted a brick house and have never lived in one ever. Shutters are like mascara for women. You just need it to make the place look pulled together and finished. The pot of flowers is the icing on the cake. Beautiful work, Andy. Was this impression I get indicative of nice weather out there? Sigh...spring time...