Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2010 Winter Series #13

3.5"x6" Original Miniature Watercolor
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I am driving Linda crazy with all
these odd size paintings. I found
her stash of scrap watercolor paper
and it is just plain fun to play with
something this small.
Winter Series #14
3.5"x2.5" Original Miniature Watercolor
Another study from French Creek.

More snow!!! I have a show booked for the
weekend in Hockessin, DE.
"To go or Not to go"...that is the question.

I finished another of my larger projects.
I painted this one for my own pleasure.
My friend Ray is a missionary and travels
to Liberia and he allows me to use his

Mother and Child
~ image: 20"x 16"
NFS...I want to live with it for a while!
I will offer it for sale later.


Autumn Leaves said...

There is something so soft in mom's eyes, Andy. The child, however, seems to have the wisdom of the ages on his/her shoulders. Love the watercolors...The sun seems to be trying hard to show a bit of color behind the lower cloud...I saw this and instantly thought "Ramains of the Day."

Linda said...

very "iconic" in style, with the child looking mature; somewhat analygous to the Theotokos "Hodegetria" style as in the icon at