Monday, February 22, 2010

2010 Winter Series #11 ~ water scape, French Creek, PA

4"x6" Miniature Original Watercolor

2010 Winter Series #12
2.5"x3" Miniature Original Watercolor
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Both of these little water scenes are
from French Creek, PA. I used them
as a demonstration in my class.

Thursday I spent the day at my Alma Mater
Coatesville H.S. in Coatesville, PA. I gave a
talk on being an artist and they watched while
I painted. They were able to ask questions.

I spent 45 minutes with each class.

Friday and Saturday we were with friends in
Inner Harbor, Baltimore. I have a few paintings
in mind from the area. Sunday I spent my day
finishing a large painting which I will show


Autumn Leaves said...

A perfect example of using color to convey a mood or a feeling, Andy. That water just looks cold! Sounds like you had a great day visiting those old hallowed halls. I don't imagine there are many kids who wouldn't love to sit and watch someone bring a scene to life before their eyes. That type of thing always held me spellbound! Looking forward to seeing your Baltimore paintings...

Unknown said...

I love both of these little paintings. Your palette is perfect and captures the feel of a late winter day.