Wednesday, October 28, 2009

23 Days till Open House

My last class is tonight and I am finished
teaching till January. This gives me more
time to paint and there is no point trying
to teach through the holidays.

If you are new to my blog, this time of year
I am getting ready for my 26th Annual Open
It is held at my house/studio. It is
the only time I present my new prints and
there is a terrific display of new original paintings.
We offer wine and hors d' oeuvres and it is
by invitation or referral only. I do not advertise
to the general public. More invite info later.
In lieu of a blog painting I am sharing what goes
into putting on an open house of this size. My
job is to paint, paint and paint some more.
I will also be cutting down 20 cases of glass,
drive to NJ to pick up the frames and take the
invitations to the post office. Linda pretty much
manages the rest. She assures me we are on schedule!

Behind the scenes of Open House...
The 1st big job is picking the new prints.
Thank you to everyone that voted. In the end the
voting was so close we decided to print three but
in a very limited edition of 200 each. So if you wanted
one of them do not wait. They are at the printer
now. I use Pemcor in Lancaster, printing 4-color
off set lithographs matching the original as close as

Reflections of Home

Sunlight and Shadows

Titles, pricing and copy for sell sheets all need
to be decided. This was done last week.
Somehow Linda got creative while sitting in
the hospital with her Mom. If you are really
interested in this process and want more
information check back to October 2008.
I do not want to repeat the same story but we
do the same thing each year.

I need to get ready for class...
more to follow

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