Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thursday update...

First, I made a mistake yesterday saying
the blog was my 1st gondola... it was my second.
I painted one last year on 3/19/08. I am in my
3rd year of blogging and I occasionally forget what
I did.

Thank you to all who are voting, I will collect votes
until Monday. See 9/28 blog for more info.
It is a tight 3-way race which makes it all even
more complicated! Thank you for all your support
and comments they lift my spirits ever higher!

We are all packed and the pop-up hooked up and
plan to be off by 8am tomorrow. We are going to
stop in Staten Island at Richmond Town
This is part of Linda's ongoing quest for more fresh
subject matter for me to paint. Never been there
so it should be good. From there we are heading up
to Rhinebeck, NY. Friday is set up for a show.
The Show: Oct. 3 & 4
Crafts at Rhinebeck
Held at Dutchess County Fairgrounds
on Rt9, Rhinebeck, NY
10am-5pm Building A-#26
There is a coupon on the promoters website.

I am trying to balance painting new work for
Open House (Nov 20-22) and my blog.
This happens every year so be patient with
me!! I also have 2 commissions here that I
should be working on.

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