Monday, September 28, 2009

Offer your opinion...

Your valuable opinion is requested!
It is time to pick my new print. I do things a
little different than other artists in that I keep
most of my paintings as originals. I only print
one time a year and choose 1-2 paintings. I
print an edition of 450 and use a local printer that
prints in an old style of 4-color off-set lithographs.
They are the same size as my original and a
"match print" meaning they must look as close to
my original as possible. It is an investment and
I need to pick wisely. A lot of my clients add to
their collection so that is also a consideration.
Feel free to go to my website and look at my other

I am giving you the opportunity to cast a vote and
help me decide. I have 4 paintings I am picking
from and I think I will only pick one...
#4) Please send an email to me with your 1st and
2nd choice and any comments you wish to share.
I will be going to the printer in 10 days,
so vote today!


Ellen Capin Haeussler said...

Andy, we have been following your lovely work for over a year now.Your work shines especially in the way you capture the textures of surfaces... the woods.. the stone walls.. the patinas... the bricks... and the light as you do so.

Bob and I vote for #4 for your print. It captures all of those qualities and represents you in a lovely way.

Bob and Ellen Haeussler
Courage Tree Studios

Paulo J. Mendes said...

All thos works are great, but I would vote for #3, just because love that sunny brightness and the touch of color given by the roses.

Bee said...

Hi there. I met you at the Wilkes Barre Fine Arts Fiesta and fell in love with your work. I've been following you since.

I love number two. I love the rustic farm feeling to it. I also like number four. It is "clean" looking. The lighting is beautiful...but number two is my fave. =)

Good luck with your decision!


Patrick S. O'Donnell said...

Hello Andy. Jack B. directed me here.

First choice is #2, followed by #4.

Take care,


Leah said...

Hi Andy,
I love receiving all your 'em!
#2 if my first choice...#3 is my second choice.

Mary said...

Hi Andy, I love attending your open house every year for the last 10 at least. I always look forward to purchasing a favorite print. I would like to vote for #2 followed by #4.

mollie jones said...

All four paintings are lovely, Andy. Was a hard pick, but I am going with #3 first, followed by #2. Now it's your decision.

Unknown said...

Only number 2 - just perfect.