Monday, August 3, 2009

Saint Emilion, France #6 ~ Lamp

4"x6" Original Watercolor
Contact the studio for information

My wife has this thing for lamps
and is always after me to paint them.
We found lots of them in Europe so
I am sure you will see several more.
The lamp may be the focal point but
the building has an interesting angle and
there is a nice blue sky.

I actually was very productive today.
I have a series of 4 small paintings from
the PA Governors Residence to get finished,
ok...started! I sketched one and started
painting it today. I liked the feel of it so I
decided to expand the theme and paint it
larger with more detail so I also drew that.
Plus today's blog. A full days work.

Just an FYI: This Saturday, 8/8 is the
HUGE Lititz craft show. Get it on your calendar!!
They moved me out of the park and onto
Broad Street. I will check out my space
number and let you know later in the week.

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