Sunday, July 5, 2009

I am back!

I am back and am inspired to paint! We had a trip of
a lifetime. I have so many photos I do not know where
to start! There were 17 days filled with eye candy.
I must start with the reason we were even in France.
Abbey and Ben's wedding.
Here is a photo of our new happy extended family

Starting on the left is Charlie (Roz's boyfriend),
Roz (Ben's sister) Rob (Ben's dad)
Shirl (Ben's mom) Abbey & Ben (bride & groom)
Linda and me and Rashetta (our adopted daughter!)
We had a perfect day, counting family there were
30 of us to celebrate. Who would have ever thought
30 guests would travel to France for a wedding! I
will have a few more photos later.
Linda and I started our trip with 3 days in Paris
with 5 of our friends. We then rented cars and
drove down to Saint Fort Sur Gironde (about 1
hour north of Bordeaux) We had a very nice house
for our adult guests, there was 9 of us. The Hunter
party had their own house and the 13 kids stayed
in the chateau with the bride and groom. We were
just around the corner. Saturday night we all got
together and Rob cooked a great meal while we all
got acquainted. Sunday 6/21 was the wedding day.
Everyone chipped in to set tables, make flower
arrangements, sweep and all the fun stuff. All of the
guests had jobs. It looked beautiful and the bride
was stunning. That's it for tonight.
I plan to paint in the morning...
not at all sure where to start.

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Anonymous said...

Wow !! What a lovely family...and wonderful experience. This is what life is made of........thank you for sharing. Glad you are back to painting...can't wait to see them all.