Monday, April 6, 2009

Straw Hat

6"x 4" original watercolor

This is my Mothers old straw hat.
She never left the house during summer
without it. I placed it on a table with
some pottery and loved the way the
light came in the window. I enjoyed
working on this painting.

Well... my kids did so well over the weekend
at our invitational. The day was super
windy, I had several kids out and we still did
great. There were 20 schools! My girls took
1st and my boys 3rd!! Just in case you are
really into it, here is the site, look for "Warwick"

Sunday I helped Linda finish cleaning out my
Moms apartment and then we worked in the
garden together. It was nice to spend the time
together, even though we were working it was
quiet. I took a break from painting all weekend
and came back to it this morning feeling ready
to work. I even squeezed in a bike ride this morning
before the rain started. I decided not to complain
about our rain, I talked to friends in Cleveland Ohio
and they were having snow... guess its all in your

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