Thursday, March 26, 2009

Still Life #8

5"x 5" original watercolor

From an early age, when I
experienced my first N.C. Wyeth
paintings, I've been mesmerized by
light and texture. I seek it in most of
my own paintings. This one included.
You can see the presence of the sun's
effect on the floor and the wood bucket
of dried beans. I love how parts of
things can tell a whole story or finish a

Track practice was cancelled due to rain
today giving me unexpected extra time.
I had my last class at Willow Valley, I
actually enjoy teaching there. Great group
of older people. Next I visited Mom, she
was not happy today so it was a hard visit.
When I got home, Joan was visiting. This is
Linda's old roommate from 30 years ago.
It was nice to watch them both laughing.

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