Thursday, February 19, 2009

Window Study #17

4"x 6" original watercolor

I was pressed for time today so I went
back to what I know very well. Deep
values in lights and darks and Shaker influences
which I have painted often.

I started teaching a class at Willow Valley
today from 9-11AM. I totally enjoyed myself.
They are a great bunch of students. While
I was there, Linda was with Mom and she also
had a "care" meeting. We met for another financial
meeting in the afternoon. So much to handle...
I got a late start on my blog but am determined
not to miss it.

Remember to check eBay, I have a few prints listed.
I am leaving for Delaware in the morning so you
can catch me at the show...

SHOW: The Hockessin Art Show
Held at Hockessin Memorial Hall located in
the Hockessin Fire Hall in Hockessin, DE.
There is a $3 admission
Friday: 5pm-8pm Saturday: 10am-5pm
Sunday: 11am-4pm
30% of my sales go to WWRR!

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