Tuesday, February 17, 2009


6"x 4" original watercolor

I am still not ready for winter paintings. I am
in Spring mode even though we may have bad
weather here tomorrow. So for today...
Nice solid painting with the planter as the focal
point. But there is much more to see. Study
this and get your bearings, your view is from
standing on the nice patterned brick sidewalk
and the planter is in front of a porch. Add a
bit of shadow for extra interest.

I had two classes to teach today and squeezed
my painting in the afternoon. Tonight I worked
on my larger painting which I was trying to use
as a demo. Click on it to enlarge.

What you are seeing is my next step.
The under painting. Thin layers of washes
using yellow ochre. Dried hard between
each layer. If you do not dry it completely
it will become muddy. I build my color slowly.
This is hours of painting and cannot be rushed.
More tomorrow.

I decided to sell a few prints on ebay. I need
to clear some space in the closet. These are my
usual high quality signed and numbered four color
off-set lithographs. No cheep prints for me!

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