Saturday, January 3, 2009

Winter Series #2

6"x 4" original watercolor

I painted an old red barn deep in
snow. The barn door is slightly
opened with light streaming out.

I wanted to tell you that the 12/30
painting that goes off eBay next
is one of Linda's favorites. The color
is strong and she feels it is one of
the best in the series. Just passing
that along for what it is worth!

Thank you for the snow photos that
have been sent my way. There are

some very intriguing ones that I plan
on using. Our holiday socializing is
coming to an end, one more brunch with
friends tomorrow and then play time is

over! We had dinner plans tonight with
friends and an hour before we were to
leave our caretaker called to tell me she
found my Mom on the floor again. Looked
like she had been there a while, never used
her life alert. Linda had to go help. Mom is
not hurt just tired. Sometimes the weight
of the responsibility
is overwhelming for us
both. Knowing what to do...

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