Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday Window #3

6"x 4" original watercolor

This is the last of my White House collection
of windows. I now totally understand how to
paint red bows and this may be my best one!

I needed some inspiration and fresh air so Linda
insisted we go to
Landis Valley Museum since the
weather was nice. We spent a few hours walking
around snapping photos. My next few holiday
paintings will be from there. Linda wanted to
squeeze in a Washington day trip or even
Williamsburg for fresh material but it looks like a
week of rain is forcasted. So it's a no go, I need to
be satisfied with the material I have.
Thank you to all who are bidding. It energizes me
to watch it. It is much appreciated and in this
climate I do not take it for granted. Your support
of me and my work is a blessing. This is a very nice
group of paintings and I am proud of them. I am
sorry I am getting the blog on so late at night. I
am trying to work on my last two commissions
and it takes me 4-6 hours to complete the blog
painting so I just run short of time. Usually Linda's
complaint not mine!!

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