Thursday, October 30, 2008

21 Days till Open House!

Behind the scenes of Open House...

The Plan...
We have over 6500 names on our mailing list. Our
Open House is not open to the general public since
we are opening our home and the studio. Everyone
on the mailing list is invited and you may bring anyone
with you or give your invite to someone you think
would be interested. Our business goal is to invite you
to our home, show you a fabulous new collection of
originals paintings ~ which I am working like mad to
complete~ and present the new prints. We offer a
special opening price to all our clients before the new
prints are out at a show. All the older prints are also
available, and there are light refreshments. Our second
goal is to have you place an order if you cannot come to
the Open House. So the invitation plays an important role.

The Invitation…
Our invitation was carefully designed and the layout was
not changed for 23 years. It had been 8 ½”x11” and
included each new sell sheet. Linda loves paper and sat
for hours looking and feeling paper and choosing colors.
Each year was a different paper and printing color.
Last year the postage jumped to 80c and we just felt that
was too much of a cost. 6500 x .80 = $5200.00 simply
to get the invitation in your hands. Plus Linda and my
Mother-in-law and some friends came for the weekend
and collated, stuffed, shut, labeled and stamped all 6500.
I happily leave for a show ~ I am smarter than I look!
After 23 years of the same design and after much agonizing
Linda decided to go down to a tri-fold invite and fold the
sell sheets. Same collating, stuffing, shutting, labeling and
stamping going on but less postage.
Here is a sample
1999 and
the tri-fold

This year after even more agonizing and worrying
about the state of our economy and if we could recoup
our costs we decided to save money in printing and
"go green" by going to an oversized postcard. Printed
in color, with the new prints on it instead of mailing
3 pieces of paper.

New postcard

If up to me, I would have done this years ago!
So the invitations are being delivered tomorrow and
they now only need labeled and stamped.
But I am still leaving for a show!!

Back to my painting… Notice the time, I am still

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