Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday check in

It was a busy weekend here. The kids got in
around 10PM on Friday. Linda stayed up with
them till 1:30 but I had to get to bed because I
was showing on Saturday. I had a pretty good
sales day and the weather was great. Sunday
we had our family engagement brunch. We had
a wonderful time, we all get along very well.
Here is a photo
of the happy couple
taken in the wine
cellar at
Olde Greenfield Inn.

Abbey and Ben

We spent the rest of our evening framing. I
finally have my suite of 4 landscapes finished.
I wanted to show you the gold frames but the
photo job is not great. They really should be
seen in person. They are vibrant!
But it will give you a general idea.
Framed in a gold 20x24" moulding that is 2 1/2"
wide with a 3" double white mat.

This last photo looks yellow but the mat is
white. The frame looks like gold on this one.
Remember I am a painter not a photographer!
They will be listed on my website under "Originals"

This week I have the Artist in Residence on
Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Plus get
ready for the Mount Gretna Art Show on the
weekend. I will attempt to get back to a blog
painting daily. Linda put the last "cleaning out
the studio" paintings on eBay tonight so I need
to get back to painting blogs.

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