Monday, May 12, 2008

Portrait #5

6" x 4" original watercolor
contact the studio for a price:

I've tried to paint more figurative work
lately; for my own personal satisfaction.
Specifically my Liberian subjects.
This subject is rich in sepias, sienna's and
deep crimson; creating a splendid complexion.
The tilt of her head and an open mouth
suggests motion, maybe finishing a sentence.
I used color in her dress to get away from
the monochromatic tone of the composition.

Things have a way of working out. We, (Linda) found
a substitute weekend caretaker for my Mom;
Linda can go along to my show this weekend. So we
took care of what was in our control now it is just the
weather that is out of our control! It is nice that after
30 years Linda is still willing to sit in the rain at a show
with me!

If you get a chance, scroll down and read the comments
written for the Cabinet Door with Apple. I loved them!

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