Thursday, May 15, 2008

Home #2

4" x 6" original watercolor

If you go back to March 5 blog you can
view the left side of this house. Today
I focused on the wonderful shadows the
huge tree throws against the brick.
This tree is a kind of homage to the big
old tree we lost at our place.

The tec world is an amazing thing. Here I am sitting
in a Ramada in Wilkes-Barre, PA writing my Thursday
blog. I am exhibiting in the Fine Arts Fiesta. We left
home at 4:30am and drove 2 hours and promptly set up
and the show ran from 11am to 8pm tonight. This painting
was my demo piece for today. This is the first time we are
using Linda's new laptop away from home. Did I say amazing!

So, I must brag. Yesterday my track kids had Leagues.
My girls took 1st. We are talking League Champions!!!
This is big!! My boys took 6th. Still respectable. I am
so proud of my kids. So if you happen to be a track buff
and want to see the results: look for Warwick or WAR
Track season is now over except for our banquet.
Linda is glad its over, life gets a tiny bit easier.

The Show:
May 15-18 Fine Arts Fiesta held in Public Square in
downtown Wilkes-Barre, PA ~ rain or shine ~ Free!
Thurs. to Sat. 11-8 and Sun 11-5
Visit the Promoters website:

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