Friday, May 9, 2008

Comments on Cabinet Door with Apple

I have totally enjoyed the comments for this painting
and wish to share them all. Here is one I received
by email. Any others will be added...

Apple Story #2 by Eileen Nephin-Bish

Perched on his favorite chair after one of Linda's terrific meals,
Andy idly tossed a Granny Smith apple into the quiet air of the
lovely old dining room. His artistically trained eye followed its
arc as the bright green shape soared above the antique linen
press he and Linda had so faithfully restored in the early years
of their marriage. As his pitcher's hand automatically caught,
then gauged the apple's heft for another toss, he contemplated
the life he'd been so fortunate to enjoy:

The wonderful companionship of his family, the joy he felt
dancing with his wife and soul mate; the pride his talented and
lovely daughter engendered;
His tremendous luck (amidst constant challenges) at being able
to make his living doing his art;
The simple pleasure he felt letting his spirit fly while riding
through the morning air on his bike, or listening to music that
stirred his soul. His unabashed happiness at being able to
'give back': whether caring for one who needed a loving and
guiding hand; or coaching dozens of "his kids" on local track
teams -- encouraging them to do their level best and have fun
doing it -- or while entreating his art students to unleash their
natural talents and "see" with their inner artist's eye.
Yes, he was lucky. Another toss, a final successful catch --
and Andy took a bite of the delicious apple; indeed, he sighed,
I am a man fulfilled.

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