Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Vase of Flowers

5" x 5" original watercolor

I needed a little change today. I went a
bit contemporary. This is a scene from my
daughter's apartment. She has this mirrored
glass end table and had a magazine, a book and
a vase of flowers setting on it. I was interested
in the reflection of the vase.

I enjoyed working on this blog painting today.
It was a challenge to try something different.
An artist sometimes has to work at finding
inspiration and that goes against our temperament.
It becomes especially hard when you paint everyday.
When I am working on a large painting that takes
several days to weeks to complete, you just get up
and go to it and start in. There already is a focus, so it
is a matter of discipline. But painting a completed mini
blog painting is a bit harder. I need to find a subject
that moves me each day. A whole new subject.
I also tend to be effected by my sales (or lack of) and

by the weather (cold and rain!) and the amount
of exercising (bike riding) I get in. I am usually
pretty good at keeping a balance but I must say
lately has been a little harder. Plus, throw in my
distraction with track!! My track kids did well
tonight we ran against a tough team. Girls won!
Boys were so close but lost by 4 points.

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