Friday, April 4, 2008

Barn Door

4" x 6" original watercolor $225.00

My favorite part of this painting is the
hardware on the door. The handle, the
slide lock and the hook on the top. I like
the way the hook scratched the wood
over the years; probably from just swinging
back and forth. I also like the little bit of
rust under the nails. This is basic in color but

Today was a rough day artistically. I just did
not feel like painting. I was in a grumpy mood.
I am going to blame it on our weather. Its cold
and rainy. I haven't been able to ride bike so I

am getting no exercise. And to make it all worse
its to cold for my sprinters to get a decent work
out. Linda listened to me for a few hours and then
my whining got to her and she went grocery shopping
without me while I attempted to get it together
and force myself to paint. It turned out ok. Not as

great as the other paintings this week, but ok.

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