Thursday, January 31, 2008

1947 PontiacStreamliner Wagon

6" x 4" original watercolor

This is a watercolor!! I was feeling out of my
comfort zone this morning when I started this
painting. But by noon, I knew I had it! What a
blast to paint a subject I never tackled before.
I was lured by the curvaceous lines and the hood
ornament. I needed to master the "polished to
a shine" look plus get the silver chrome color by
working with the white paper. The red on the
front just makes it pop. Can you tell I enjoyed
myself today?!! Many thanks to the client who
provided the photos and the inspiration. I hope I
made you proud. I have a few more I plan to work on.

I painted from 8am to 3. Then took a break to pack 600 lbs
of food and carry it up a flight of stairs and then drive it into
Lancaster to Water Street Rescue Mission. I was back
home by 5:30 and back to my painting. I had a make up
class tonight but only had 2 students so I was able to finish
my car. I have more hours into this little mini painting than
I should but I
enjoyed myself. My student brought his 10 year
old son, Nathan, along tonight and he was a delight to have
in class. He has talent and was very well behaved.

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