Thursday, June 11, 2020

Website new button...

Several of my cancelled shows are holding virtual shows that then link you to my website. I had my web guy add a "add me to your mailing list" button on my home page. That's the extent of excitement today!  Go check it out and if you are not on my mailing list sign up!  And while you are there, look at all the paintings in all sizes and prices I have available.

I am mostly just working on this commission. I am making it look easy and fast however you should understand I am spending most of the day and into the late night (early morning!) hours (every day) working on this.  You cannot rush a good realistic watercolor.
A wash of color, dry it and add another wash of color... a slow build.

I added the wall.  This photographed a bit darker than it really is, I think the overhead light made it darker.  Starting on the table and planter box.

this is closer to the true wall color, adding the window frame, working on the chairs...creating the indoor setting for that spectacular view.

For you artists out there, I am not thrilled with this watercolor paper.  I will not be buying it again.  It is L'Aquarelle Canson Heritage 300lb cold press.  I would say it would be great for big washes but for me it is soaking up the pigment and does not blend well.  It does not hold the paint, making me work extra washes to get my color. 

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