Thursday, January 8, 2015


For new students that have never painted I usually start
them off with a fruit.  Looking at color, texture and
light and shadows.  I had 3 classes with new students
and we used a cherry.   Here are my demonstration pieces...

 Cherry Study #1
6"x 4" 

 Cherry Study #2
4"x 6"


 Cherry Study #3
6"x 4" 

Today was spent on the full scale study drawing
for my commission.  I am assembling multiple photos
into one drawing. Using historical and current photos
trying to get every building the client wants into this
sweeping view.   I will have several days into working
out the study drawing.  Then my client will look at it
and make any corrections before I even begin to draw
on the watercolor paper.  A slow process but I already
have the image in my mind!

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