Monday, January 26, 2015


I have been spending all of my time on my new commission. Since the
first of January I completed two full scale hand drawings, each taking
about a week.   They were viewed by my client, changes were made
both times.  I finally was able to draw (a third time) on my watercolor
paper.  Below is the hand drawing.
This is a full sheet watercolor ~ 30" X 22"

Once this final drawing was completed and OK'd I am able to
start painting.  With watercolor it is important to have your
drawing correct.  Once I start adding paint, the paint stains
the paper and it is hard to make changes.

I am starting at the top, working in my sky.

 Detail in the clouds and working on the tree.
This is two full days of painting.  I need to take my time!

We did have a fun weekend in Washington, DC with friends.
Stayed at The Hotel Lombardy which was very nice.  Went
to the Bureau of Engraving,  The Basilica, and the
Newseum.   We had wonderful meals at: Founding Farmers,
District Commons and Marvin.

Linda is still fighting off her chest cold. Which I gave her.
Meds and resting only  helped a little.   Doctor offered
a second round of antibiotic but I think she is going to
wait it out. That brings you up to date.  I plan to paint
most of tonight, in between shoveling...

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